Life is a connected series of moments, the tranquil and the exhilarating. Surrounding yourself with opportunities to truly participate in your life, as opposed to waiting for something to happen, is what makes life worth living. Adventure, creativity and a sense of ease await you within the Annapolis Valley. Come live, work and grow in an area ripe with possibility.

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“We had the choice of Montreal, Toronto, or Atlanta, but we moved to the Annapolis Valley and never looked back. Access to an international airport, the bandwidth, and the business supports of the Annapolis Valley have allowed me to manage international clients remotely from my home office. Not to mention it was a great place to raise our children—with access to the resources, culture, and entertainment we came to expect in the big city.”
Jim Murphy, Remote Worker
“We came to the Annapolis Valley for the abundant land available to grow grapes and make great wine. What we also found was a great community, amazing local food, and the best weather in the province”
Stewart Creaser & Lorraine Vassalo, Winery Owners
“Several years ago, I relocated my marketing company to the Valley so that I could raise my children and work in an area that offers a better balance in life. My team connects with our clients worldwide using fast FibreOp. My family loves to hike in the summer and ski in the winter—both only a few minutes from home. Now I have the best of both worlds!
Lori Cox, Entrepreneur

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Working in the Annapolis Valley has all the advantages, yet none of the traffic. Only an hour from Halifax and an international airport, the Valley is a vibrant location providing job opportunities in agriculture, research & development, manufacturing, service industries, entrepreneurship, and more. Our robust fibre optic network is one of the fastest in Canada—giving our employers and innovators instant access to the world. And the break-time views? Unparalleled!

Living your best life means surrounding yourself with opportunities to grow. The Valley is proof that it’s still possible to live in an area where you can establish deep roots and flourish in a tight-knit community. We offer room to expand your family and your career, while finding a perfect balance. Your quality of life here includes clean air and safe communities, not to mention access to our top-notch education and rich cultural history. It’s all here, whether you chose to immerse yourself in tranquility, run a business or participate in a list of amazing recreational activities as extensive as our legendary coastline.

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“We were living and working in the United States and we had the opportunity to move back to Nova Scotia. Our plan was to move to the greater Halifax area, but once we found the Annapolis Valley, we decided that it was the place we wanted to raise a family. It has everything that we, as an active family, needed and wanted—some of the best schools in the country, fantastic restaurants just minutes away, a booming wine industry, and beaches are never more than a short drive away. This was twenty years ago and we couldn’t have made a better choice.”
Alex Jurgens, Consultant
“Several years ago, I re-located my marketing company to the Valley so that I could raise my children and work in an area that offers a better balance in life. My team connects with our clients worldwide using fast FibreOp. My family loves to hike in the summer and ski in the winterboth only a few minutes from home. Now I have the best of both worlds!”
Lori Cox, Entrepreneur

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Do you have visions of owning of a character home? A place where your dogs can run and sniff and play to their heart’s delight? Where grocery shopping means open-air markets and not fluorescent lighting? The Annapolis Valley is waiting for you – where dining in a vineyard and hiking trails with ocean views aren’t just vacation goals – they are things you do after work (or during work hours, we won’t tell). 

The Annapolis Valley is packed with soul-infusing experiences and opportunities. From skiing to sea kayaking, growing your own food to making your own beer and wine, the Valley is the perfect spot to plant your roots and embark on some modern homesteading. Pare down and lose the traffic, the pollution and the noise. Adopt a lifestyle where even the spaces between the moments provoke mindfulness – even if your laptop is in tow. 

The Valley is North America’s next big food and wine region, ripe with innovation and open to new ideas, where high tech blends seamlessly with ‘back to the earth’ attitudes and freethinking values. It’s the perfect place to trade in your apartment and commute for a lifestyle that seamlessly blends work and life, the creative and the contemporary.  

The Valley Region of Nova Scotia offers unparalleled quality of life—combining the natural and rural characteristics of its communities and coastal spaces with the urban conveniences and opportunities of its many towns and centres. Whether you are single, starting a family or preparing to retire, the Annapolis Valley is where you can have the life you’ve only dreamed of, with no big-city intrusions attached.

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